Building doors

Köhnlein building doors protect people!

F 30 glazed wall KV 69 at modular system,this system is also time-saving and easy to install.

Architects, builders and clients know Köhnlein as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality doors. A comprehensive range of doors developed in-house meeting the latest requirement profiles in terms of fire, smoke and break-in protection and noise insulation. 


The F 30 fire-safety glazed wall KV 69 in combination with one- and two-wing fire-safety doors for example can be manufactured up to a height of 5000 mm and an unlimited width. These are product benefits which give the architect and planner decisive freedom of design. This system is also time-saving and easy to install, thereby also offering the installer major competitive advantages


Köhnlein fire- and smoke-protection doors have all the necessary building approvals. Corresponding designation plates on the doors document this fact. These doors of amongst the very best of their type in terms of form, function, design and ease of installation.        

Innovative, contemporary and functional to the highest level.
verdeckt liegender Gleitschienenschließer
Patentiertes Befestigungssystem F 30 Verglasung, ohne Glashalteleisten
automatischer Drehflügelantrieb

Latest news

  • New CPL doors - by 6-CPL expands surfaces with horizontal "wooden structure"
  • Compact Edition. The extra-special class from Köhnlein. A high-quality range of doors comprising a total of 13 model ranges.



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