Frame variants

The matching frame for every Köhnlein Tür (Köhnlein door)!

Every room door needs the matching Köhnlein frame

which is naturally made in the surface finishes of Décor

CPL, genuine wood veneer or painted

in the identical colour to the door leaf surface.


The surrounding wood frames have mitred joints in the traditional craftsmanship style, and are equipped with easy-to-use quick corner connection systems.

Fertigtürzarge FT-Standard (FT-Standard prefabricated door frames)


Version with 50 mm wide squared frame members. The special frame member thickness of 22 mm enables problem-free connection to the wall and skirting. 

Fertigtürzargen KÖNOSOFT (KÖNOSOFT prefabricated door frames)


Harmoniously rounded frame members, most surface finishes also with lining board with post-forming round edge. An attractive side-effect: Friendly on the elbows and resistant to impacts. Visually elegant frame member width of 60 mm. The special frame member thickness of 22 mm enables problem-free connection to the wall and skirting.

Fertigtürzarge Selectsoft (Selectsoft prefabricated door frames)


Version with 60 mm wide rounded frame members. Lining board with rounded strong edge (see arrow). The special frame member thickness of 22 mm enables problem-free connection to the wall and skirting.

KÖNOLIPS-Formzarge (KÖNOLIPS frames)


Thanks to their raised frame members, KÖNOLIPS frames create a flowing transition between the door and wall. The approx. 70 mm wide frame members are also ideally suitable for renovation applications. The adequately straight edge to the wall also enables problem-free wall and skirting connection. ...

Zarge DELTA Classic (DELTA Classic frame)


This frame has a quite unique appearance thanks to the projection of the frame members. Frame members squared 59/18 mm.

Zarge DELTA Rundkante (DELTA Round edge frame)


This frame enjoys a particularly elegant appearance thanks to the rounded 59/18 mm projecting frame members. 





Zarge Terra (Terra frame)


The frame for the country house appearance. Made of solid spruce, with the surface finished in the “brushed” style, matching all doors of the Compact Edition, and Terra model range. The profiled frame members are available as standard in 70 mm width, and optionally also in 80 mm width. Also particularly suitable for renovation applications.  




Köhnlein Maßzargen (Köhnlein standard-size frames)


Squared frame members and rounded “Soft” frame members are available in different widths. Ideal for renovation. 


The raised frame members (KÖNOLIPS) are now available in widths of 70 mm and 80 mm.

Renovierungszarge Köhnlein TOPRENO (Köhnlein TOPRENO renovation frame) 


Köhnlein TOPRENO - the innovative interior door renovation 


  • No dirt, no noise
  • No inconvenient construction work
  • The wall and floor remain unaffected





Renovierungszarge DW-TOP (DW-TOP renovation frame)


The ingenious renovation system specially for panel constructions. Ground-breaking design. Suitable for all panel construction profiles and wall thicknesses from 40 mm. Particularly large adjustment range. ...

Blockrahmen (Block frames)


Block frames are frequently used for vestibules. Available in many surface finishes and versions, individually tailored to the building circumstances


Blendrahmen (Trim frames)


Trim frames are often used for the installation of home entrance doors. These are frequently used for renovation / modernisation

Riegelstock massiv (Solid doorpost)


Individually tailored to the building circumstances, the solid doorpost is used for continuous wall panels, in order to ensure only a low clearance loss.

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Flush-wall frames for folding and stub door leaves

    •  Wood soffit frame with decorative joint (HZ-SL)



      • Standard-size frame on door casement with aluminium profile



      Zargenausführung (Frame version)


      • for folded door leaf (Standard)
      • for stub door leaf (KÖNOPLAN system) 


      A comprehensive door and frame range is available for both frame versions. Adjoining illustrations for example with KÖNOLIPS frame.


      Further Details on the KÖNOPLAN system can be found here  .    

      folded door (Standard)
      folded door (Standard)
      stub door (KÖNOPLAN system)
      stub door (KÖNOPLAN system)

      Latest news

      • New CPL doors - by 6-CPL expands surfaces with horizontal "wooden structure"
      • Compact Edition. The extra-special class from Köhnlein. A high-quality range of doors comprising a total of 13 model ranges.



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