PU cast resin edge

The resistant polyurethane (PU) cast resin edge from Köhnlein!

Köhnlein building doors are designed to withstand high stresses in terms of function and quality. Such applications include especially buildings such as hospitals, kindergartens, schools, homes for the handicapped and also retirement homes. These applications place particularly demanding requirements on the interior doors. 


Because of this fact, the Köhnlein development team is continually working on new products to optimise the durability, functionality and requirement profile of these building doors. Köhnlein building doors can now be equipped with a resistant polyurethane (PU) cast resin edge


These include:

  • Novum building doors
  • Silence noise-protection doors
  • Damp area doors 
  • Wet area doors  
  • Smoke-protection doors
  • Fire-safety doors

Thanks to successful product developments, the PU cast resin edge can also be applied to the T30 elements KF 50 and KF 57 with approval. The PU cast resin edge is available in almost all RAL colours, to match or contrast with the laminate surface. The PU cast resin edge can also be used in combination with veneers and CPL. The door leaves are manufactured in folded (single and double fold), stub or stub-folded variants, depending on requirements. 

A major product at vantage at Köhnlein is the production of special sizes (not only standard sizes). Special folds are also available on request.    

Special product features of the Köhnlein PU cast resin edge:

  • Impact- and abrasion-resistant 
  • Colourfast
  • Water-repellent
  • Solvent-resistant
  • Non-toxic
Illustration left:
PU cast resin edge in contrasting colour to the surface
PU cast resin edge in contrasting colour to the surface
PU cast resin edge in matching colour to the surface

Latest news

  • New CPL doors - by 6-CPL expands surfaces with horizontal "wooden structure"
  • Compact Edition. The extra-special class from Köhnlein. A high-quality range of doors comprising a total of 13 model ranges.



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