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Köhnlein multi-function door elements combine door design with the greatest possible protection - Invest in your security!

Anti-burglary protection


This is confirmed impressively by police statistics: in the case of break-ins into multi-family houses, the intruders in the overwhelming number of cases get into the home through the entrance doors. A large screwdriver is often enough to make a quick burglary tool. The entrance door elements from Köhnlein come optionally in the resistance classes WK 2 and WK 3 standardised to DIN V ENV 1627. Doors of the resistance class WK 2 hamper rapid break-ins using simple tools. Even greater protection is offered by the resistance class WK 3. In this case, even an intruder fully-equipped with special tools will not find things so easy. Home entrance door elements from Köhnlein therefore always make a safe investment for the future.


Noise insulation


DIN 4109 specifies the noise insulation levels, measured in dB (decibels) which are legally prescribed for certain doors. Köhnlein home entrance door elements are tested for noise insulation. This testing of the elements is performed in the installed condition. The results speak for themselves. Köhnlein home entrance door elements exceed the values required by DIN 4109 in all three tested noise insulation classes. Function door elements from Köhnlein increase the residential value of homes in previously loud and badly soundproofed multi-family houses. Residents have peace and quiet, and enjoy a noticeably better quality of life. 



Köhnlein home entrance door elements have successfully passed smoke-protection testing. This is not a special service for non-smokers, but rather protection in the event of a fire. This is also subject to the applicable standard: DIN 18095. Smoke-protection testing extends to sealing properties and long-term function. Smoke-protection doors should ensure that in the case of fire, the penetration of smoke is effectively prevented, so that the rooms and spaces behind the door can be used as rescue and escape routes and remain passable without the need for breathing equipment. Illustration: Pos. B = lowered floor seal in the closed condition of the home entrance door.

Fire safety


Köhnlein supplies functional elements which fully comply with the specifications of DIN 4102 as so-called fire safety closures. 


Climate stability


Köhnlein home entrance door elements are supplied as standard optionally in climate classes 1 and 2. The elements of climate class 1 are designed for climatic differences of 23 °C inside to 18 °C outside with a relative air humidity of 30% on the warm side and 50% on the cold side. The differential values in climate class 2 are about twice as high: 23 °C / 30% relative air humidity to 13 °C / 65% relative air humidity. For particularly extreme conditions, Köhnlein can also supply elements of climate class 3, for temperature differences of 23 °C to 3 °C and differences in relative air humidity of 30% to 80%. Perfectly worked-in an integrated fine aluminium panels (see picture at lower right) or stabilisers in the door ensure adequate stability over the complete door surface.             

Full overview of protective functions:

Put together your own Köhnlein door according to your individual needs and requirements.

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